This Tokyo Ramen Restaurant Just Became the Best in the World

This Tokyo Ramen Restaurant Just Became the Best in the World
Max Chang
December 2, 2015
Yesterday, Michelin released their 2016 Tokyo guide, a list of 217 restaurants that were awarded Michelin stars which, at least to some people, means those restaurants serve some of the best food in the world.
For the first time ever, a ramen restaurant was awarded a single Michelin star. The restaurant, Tsuta, is arguably the best ramen restaurant in the world now.
The small and unassuming restaurant has seating for only nine customers at a time and tickets for a meal are distributed through a vending machine. Currently, wait times to get into the restaurant are at least 30 minutes.
The restaurant’s main dish is the shoyu soba which features a soy broth.
The broth is made from three different aged soy sauces, each originating from different cities. The main sauce comes from a small island in Japan’s Inland Sea and the others come from Wakayama and Ibaraki. “The resulting taste is an intense, slightly sweet mix,” according to Ramen Adventures.
While the ingredients come off as traditional Japanese, the broth also contains red wine and Italian black truffle oil.
The ramen-style soba noodles they serve are made from the stone-ground flour of four different kinds of Japanese wheat.
The restaurant also features shio soba, which features a salty broth made from Okinawan sea salt, a variety of Inner Mongolian salts and also contains Italian white truffle oil, according to RocketNews24.
All the ingredients that Tsuta uses are all natural and free of chemical additives like MSG.
The best part about the restaurant, however, may be the prices. Tsuta’s ramen bowls are currently priced at less than $11. Now, if only plane tickets to Tokyo were as good a deal…
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