Tsou Model Becomes Taiwan’s ‘Barbecue Queen’

Tsou Model Becomes Taiwan’s ‘Barbecue Queen’Tsou Model Becomes Taiwan’s ‘Barbecue Queen’
Bryan Ke
March 6, 2019
Ruo Yan, a member of the Tsou (Cou) indigenous group in southern Taiwan, is now being regarded as “Barbecue Queen” after going viral online for her beauty. 
A video of Ruo, which was taken by a customer in their barbecue joint in Alishan Highway, Taiwan, quickly circulated online thanks to her mesmerizing looks. In the short clip, she can be seen zooming back and forth as she tends to the customers orders and prepares the food.
After the video became viral, netizens were able to track down Ruo’s identity.
It turns out that the 36-year-old woman, who had worked as a model and in the performing arts, often helps out at her parent’s barbecue shop, according to Shanghaiist.
Ruo is not the first woman to go viral online after being snapped or videoed by people while working at a seemingly misfitting job.
Early last year, a struggling meat shop went viral after the owner hired a model to attend to the customers needs – the plan proved to be successful as the stall managed to quadruple its sales in just one night. Then in December, another Taiwanese model became famous overnight for helping her mother sell fish in their local market.
Images via ET Today
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