TSA Full of Naruto References After Finding Ninja Kunai in Bag at Airport

throwing knives

Security agents at Spokane International Airport (GEG) in Washington state confiscated a pair of ninja throwing knives from a passenger earlier this week.

The knives, also known as kunai, were discovered in the passenger’s carry-on bags, which should not contain certain sharp objects.


In an Instagram post on Monday, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) poked fun at the incident with “Naruto” references, saying the passenger “forgot the rules outside of the Hidden Leaf Village” and ended up “obviously late for their Chunin exams.”

“This is no genjutsu, keen eyed officers at Spokane International Airport (GEG) discovered these kunai in the passenger’s carry-on bags. Genin or not, throwing knives must be packed in your checked bags,” TSA said. “We also recommend checking with your state and local laws regarding traveling with kunai as they may be illegal in your state.”

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GEG passengers have a history of forgetting weapons in their carry-on bags. Between February and March of last year, TSA officers confiscated nine guns that were loaded, according to KREM 2 News.

At least 10 guns a year have reportedly been taken in the airport since 2014. Firearm confiscations peaked in 2017 at 26.

Whether the passenger’s kunai were real or whether they had another set stored safely in their checked luggage is unknown. Regardless, TSA was clear in its message, which easily won “Naruto” fans over.

“Love the ‘Naruto’ reference! Whoever creates this post for TSA needs a raise,” one wrote in the comments.

throwing knives


throwing knives


throwing knives



The throwing knives were turned over to local police, TSA said.

Feature Image via Transportation Security Administration

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