Donald Trump to Finally Meet Kim Jong Un in May

Donald Trump to Finally Meet Kim Jong Un in MayDonald Trump to Finally Meet Kim Jong Un in May
North Korea has extended an invitation to President Donald Trump to meet Kim Jong Un, according to U.S. senior officials.
The news comes as South Korea sent a delegation to the White House to brief officials on their most recent talks with the regime on Thursday. The talks between the two Koreas are regarded as the most significant in more than a decade, according to CNN.
The delegation met with Trump personally and hand-delivered a letter from Kim which invited him to a meeting. While Trump has stated that he is open to speaking with Kim, he has also taunted him on social media. His stance appears to be one of a willingness to meet, but only if North Korea agrees to work on giving up its nuclear arms.
“All options are on the table and our posture toward the regime will not change until we see credible moves toward denuclearization,” a senior administration official stated on Tuesday. “What we are looking for is concrete steps toward denuclearization.”
Kim has also taken shots at the Trump administration, famously calling them a bunch of “racist billionaires” and referring to Trump as a “dotard“. Still, he has agreed to suspend his missile program alongside his invitation, although there are no plans to cancel the upcoming joint military exercises with South Korea.
The meeting between Trump and Kim has yet to be officially scheduled, but will reportedly happen by May of this year.
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