Trump Fan Delays United Flight for 8 Hours After Demanding an Entire Row of Seats for Himself

Trump Fan Delays United Flight for 8 Hours After Demanding an Entire Row of Seats for Himself

May 23, 2017
An elderly man wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap caused the delay of a United Airlines flight from Shanghai to Newark, New Jersey after becoming unruly.
In a footage taken by passenger Alexis Zimmerman, the unidentified man can be seen leaning back on his seat while refusing to let others sit next to him. He also place his right foot on someone else’s arm rest.
Screenshot via Alexis Zimmerman
“He wanted to sit in the whole row by himself,” Zimmerman, who was returning to Newark from a business trip, told The Washington Post.
Screenshot via Alexis Zimmerman
A woman confronted the man shortly, “This young lady’s not going to make it to her classes tomorrow and her tests she has to take, thanks to you. Are you proud of yourself?”
To this, the man replied, “Guess what? In 45 minutes I’m going to collapse for not drinking my soda.”
Screenshot via Alexis Zimmerman
The man is reportedly diabetic but nevertheless challenged the flight crew to cuff and drag him off the plane — a scene still fresh from everybody’s memories.
At some point he finally relented, but not before berating staff and some female passengers, according to Clark Gredoña, who praised the crew for their professionalism.
Screenshot via Skull Shaver
Gredoña, who came from a trip to the Philippines, recalled that the man called a female passenger “Hillary” and a “lesbian.”
Later, someone yelled “Lock him up!” and the crowd followed in chant. “I was one of those chanters. I didn’t start it. But oh my God, it was so funny, I couldn’t help myself,” Zimmerman said.
Screenshot via Alexis Zimmerman
Interestingly, the man “eventually left the aircraft on his own accord,” a United spokesperson said via NBC. It is unknown whether he’ll get some jail time to reflect on his actions.
After hours of delay, the Sunday flight was then rerouted to San Francisco International Airport. It landed Monday on New Jersey at 2:22 a.m. ET, instead of Sunday at 6:15 p.m. ET.
Watch a clip of the incident below:
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