He Tried a YouTube Hack to Open a Wine Bottle and Almost Died

A California man who tried to open a wine bottle using a popular YouTube hack is discouraging similar attempts after his epic fail.

Lawrence Guo, who hails from San Leandro, was hanging out with a friend on February 27 when he tried to open a bottle of Stella Rosa Pink and the corkscrew broke.

He then thought of other ways to open the bottle and recalled a YouTube video that showed a “hack” using a blowtorch.

A screenshot of an example of the blowtorch hack via YouTube / CrazyRussianHacker

The hack — which happens to be quite popular — supposedly works by burning the neck of the bottle with the blowtorch.

Convinced that it’s just about heat, Guo put a spin on the hack using a lighter. The flame, however, wasn’t strong enough to open the bottle.

With no other source of flame, Guo decided to use a stove and put it in low-medium heat.

Unfortunately, the result was a disaster — the bottle exploded right in front of the camera!

“YOUTUBE U LIED!!! I almost died,” Guo shared the video of his attempt on Twitter.

Thankfully, Guo and his friend did not sustain serious injuries.

Guo told BuzzFeed News:

“I expected the cork to come out of the neck of the bottle before the glass exploded. I assumed it may have been from thermal shock and glass molecules expanded at a high rate due to the heat, or from the vapor pressure build-up from the liquid ’cause there was some condensation on the bottle at the top.”

“I would advise not to do it on a stove.”

He recommends protective gears to anyone doing a similar stunt:

“We tried everything we could to open it, but the cork wouldn’t budge. I would advise to wear some better protective gear covering vital body parts if this were to be replicated.”

Watch the whole thing below:

Photos via Twitter / @bdlawr

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