Traveling Circus Accidentally Unleashes Angry Tiger on Unsuspecting Crowd in China

A Chinese traveling circus accidentally gave their audience a frightful performance after a furious tiger got out of its cage and proceeded to attack the hapless attendees.

The enraged tiger was inside a steel cage along with two other animals — a bear and what appeared to be a dog — as a part of a Chinese traveling circus’ act in Linfen, Shanxi Province, according to Shanghaiist.

However, the circus performers triggered the tiger into a state of rage, breaking free from its cage as a mass panic from the audience ensued.

Footage of the scene shows one person being attacked from behind by the enraged beast, while another man tried to hit the angry tiger with a large stick. Two children were reportedly injured as a result of the tiger’s rampage in a performance that might earn the Chinese traveling circus a bad reputation.

Fortunately, the situation was diffused when the circus trainers managed to lead the tiger back to its cage.

Witnesses said that the lock was loosened because of the crowd, CGTN reported. Online netizens chimed in calling for the animal show to be banned.

Perhaps it would be better for would-be circus-goers to attend other exhibits such as Japan’s bizarre yet significantly safer alternative that features harmless tiger dung instead of the life-threatening animal itself.

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