Man Leaves Home With Only $80, Discovers Genius Way to Travel Around the World

Here’s a refreshing travel story of a man who hitchhiked his way around the world after leaving home with only $80 in his pockets .
He doesn’t do it for the cool social media pictures or for the goal of becoming an Insta-famous model and traveler. No, Timotei Rad did it to fulfill his dream of being a hitchhiker. He wrote in a post on BoredPanda:
“My photos are not of best quality because I couldn’t afford a camera or a smartphone, most of the time I didn’t have money for a Coke. So I asked people on the road to take photos of me and send them afterwards via email. Even if they are not professional images, I hope they capture happiness, youth and the love of living without useless expectations.”
Rad left his home in 2013 and has since been to 80 countries in three years. He has logged over 120,000 miles and claims to have been in 3,000 car rides offered by kind strangers along the way.
Rad has been on the receiving end of generosity from people he has encountered in the foreign countries he’s visited. They have at times provided him a roof over his head, a comfy bed to sleep in, a warm meal and funds for his travels. Thanks to the donations of others through his website, Rad has been able to continue his journey. He wrote:
I had a lot of crazy adventures. In Afghanistan I met a Taliban, in Mongolia I got lost in the desert and almost died, in Siberia I met 2 bears along the way. But, as you can see below, I had the time of my life.”
“Irak, Erbil. Police took me hitchhiking.”
“Afghanistan, they covered my head to look like one of them in a dangerous area.”
“Russia, Siberia (near of Ust Nera). The Russian Army truck took me hitchhiking.”
“In Mongolia finally reaching Ulaanbaatar, with the portret of Chinggis Khaan.”
“This looooong bus took me from Vienna to Arad.”
He rode a camel after he got lost in the desert in Mongolia. 
“Ecuador, The Monument to the Equator.”
“Afghanistan, I met a Taliban hidden in a forest.”
He struck a classic Leaning Tower of Pisa pose. 
He took part in jungle madness in the Amazon.
He did headstands on the Salt Flats in Bolivia.
He rode a helicopter in Argentina. 
He even reached the Ushuaia, the “End of the World.”
He visited the Sahara Desert. 
“Russia, Sankt Petersburg, the beautiful russian girls.”
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