What happened to Jimin?: ‘Trans-racial’ Oli London picks TikToker Hoshin as their new ‘Oppar’

What happened to Jimin?: ‘Trans-racial’ Oli London picks TikToker Hoshin as their new ‘Oppar’What happened to Jimin?: ‘Trans-racial’ Oli London picks TikToker Hoshin as their new ‘Oppar’
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January 27, 2022
Oli London, a controversial internet figure who claims to be a “trans-racial” Korean person despite being white, has finally gotten over their fixation on Jimin of K-pop group BTS – only to replace him with another Korean man. 
The new man in question is Hoshin, a TikToker from Russia who posts lighthearted content and dancing videos. 
On Tuesday, London posted a video featuring a framed photo of Hoshin with the words, “Meet my new Oppar [sic]” displayed on screen. Hoshin reacted to the video using TikTok’s duet feature, simply staring in silence with a tentative smile plastered on his face by the end of it. He also left a comment on the original video with only one word: “Oli…?” 
Hoshin’s reaction video has garnered over 5.2 million views with 1.2 million likes as of this writing. The top comment reads, “I’m so sorry for you…” while many others expressed a similar sentiment. London has continued to post several other videos on Hoshin, including a TikTok duet of Hoshin’s reaction and another that draws attention to photos of Hoshin along their wall. 
In a previous interview with NextShark, Korean American influencer Priscilla Kwon called London out for being “the definition of fetishizing Korean culture,” though she certainly hasn’t been the only one to do so. 
London has faced numerous accusations of cultural appropriation over the years, particularly in regards to their surgically altering their features to appear more “Korean.” They first rose to notoriety after appearing on plastic surgery TV programs including “Hooked on the Look” and “Botched” to document the process, according to Insider. In one video, London even admitted to altering their nipples to be “Korean” in the hopes that theirs would match Jimin’s. 
It is unclear what exactly Jimin means to London, as they have mentioned the desire to both look like Jimin and marry him. Whatever it is, it seems Hoshin is next.
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