This All-Women Group Will Send You Nudes If You Vote For Anyone But Donald Trump

A movement called “Tramps Against Trump” is aiming to disrupt the candidacy of presumptive Republican presidential bet Donald Trump by urging fellow Americans to not vote for him.
According to Motherboard, the group promises to send a nude photo to every American who will vote for anyone except the “Donald”.
A participating voter just needs to send a direct message to the campaign’s Instagram account (which has since been suspended) with an attached photo that shows him or her beside a polling station as proof of voting. The “Tramps” will then send a naked photo from a selection of available genders and sexualities.
One does not even have to show who was voted to qualify for the unique incentive. The organizers say the focus of the campaign is to get more U.S. citizens registered and have a higher voter turnout to make an impact in the upcoming election.
In the past we had Rock the Vote and other ways to get the vote out, but what do young people like now? They like naked people on the internet,” said Tramps Against Trump creator who goes by the pseudonym,  “Jessica Rabbit.” “So, we’re using naked people on the internet to make a change and get people excited about something.”
Volunteers of “Tramps Against Trump”, like Ms. Rabbit, are sex workers who are going against a candidate known for his anti-abortion and some anti-women stand on issues.
“Whoever becomes president will have a direct effect on what we can and can’t do with our bodies, and how the law will move forward relating to us,” Rabbit said. “For sex workers, this is a really important election.”
The group, however, is aware of the inevitable criticism from individuals who might view the use of their bodies and sexuality as anti-women.   
“Of course that critique is going to come, and Hillary Clinton followers will definitely be some of the people that push that rhetoric forward,” she said. “We’re sexualized by audiences, by men, and by the media. If we engage with it and send nudes, we lose, if we don’t, then we still lose. In the end, we’re consenting adults who are choosing to participate in this campaign.”
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