Woman Takes Another Person’s Train Seat in China, Refuses to Move

Woman Takes Another Person’s Train Seat in China, Refuses to MoveWoman Takes Another Person’s Train Seat in China, Refuses to Move
A woman occupying someone else’s seat on a train in China was captured on film throwing water at fellow passengers last week.
In the video that has since gone viral on Chinese social media, the unidentified Black woman was shown reacting angrily to those who caught her on camera.
According to witnesses present during the incident, the train was traveling from Shanghai to Fuyang, Anhui province on Sunday night when someone confronted the woman for sitting in a reserved seat. 
When she was asked by the rightful owner of the seat to move, the woman remained silent.
Thinking that the woman did not speak Chinese, the person reiterated the request to leave the seat in English. But the woman still did not respond.
Eventually, the bus conductor was called and asked for her ticket, but the woman simply told him, “I don’t care,” refusing to show her ticket.
Onlookers started filming her with their phones, infuriating the woman who then shouted at them in Chinese, “Don’t shoot. Didn’t you hear me saying not to shoot?”
In the video, another passenger can be heard saying, “It is popular these days to occupy another’s seat, even for a foreigner.”
The woman then started throwing water at the man holding the camera, spraying liquid on other passengers around her.
Witnesses say the woman was then removed from the train shortly after, reported South China Morning Post citing Beijing Youth Daily.
The Shanghai Railway Administration posted a statement on Weibo, noting that the woman had already apologized to the passengers who got wet during her outburst.
No further details regarding the incident have been released.
Featured Image via YouTube / South China Morning Post
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