Naked Woman Runs Through Tokyo’s Shibuya Station, Police Do Not Arrest Her

Naked Woman Runs Through Tokyo’s Shibuya Station, Police Do Not Arrest Her
Bryan Ke
March 22, 2019
A woman reportedly ran through one of the world’s busiest train stations located in Tokyo wearing nothing but her birthday suit.
On Thursday, netizens took to Twitter to share the bizarre experience of seeing a woman sprinting naked through Tokyo’s Shibuya Station.
According to HuffPost Japan, the incident happened shortly before 11:30 a.m. on March 21.
Someone at the scene immediately notified the police around the same time the post surfaced on Twitter, according to SoraNews24. Officers who arrived at the station saw the woman and immediately took her into custody.
Some woman was sprinting through Shibuya Station totally naked. Super scary,” the user said.
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There was a completely naked woman running around inside Shibuya Station. Totally scary…” another Twitter user wrote.
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However, netizens were baffled that the police did not make an arrest.
The woman was reportedly never in possession of any dangerous items or weapons. She also did not seem to have any intentions of causing harm to passersby and was not under the influence of drugs.
The woman had no criminal intent, so please put your minds at ease,” a spokesperson from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s Shibuya Precint said.
One social media user pointed out possible hypocrisy in the case, saying: “Why didn’t they arrest her? They’d have arrested a man who did that, wouldn’t they?”
While the exact motive for the woman’s naked run remains unclear, police reportedly said she just felt like going for a run and being naked while doing it.
Featured Image via Flickr / Yoshikazu TAKADA (CC BY 2.0)
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