YouTuber’s Chinese Grandfather Brutally Reviews Trader Joe’s Chinese Food

Trader Joe's

Evan Yee, the YouTuber and TikToker behind “The Fake Food Show,” recently included his grandfather in a review video about Chinese food from Trader Joe’s. 

In the video posted on Monday, Yee and his grandfather tried several products from the American grocery chain’s Chinese food line, Trader Ming’s.

Some of the food they reviewed include shumai, wonton soup, cha siu bao, honey walnut shrimp, shrimp fried rice, xiao long bao, chicken chow mein and Philly cheesesteak bao.

Although he liked the grocery chain’s take on chicken chow mein, wonton soup and xiao long bao, Yee’s grandfather criticized the honey walnut shrimp, In The Know reported.

Screenshot via The Fake Food Show!

Yee’s grandfather claimed that it “smelled like sh*t” and that Trader Joe’s “wasted the shrimp.”

Screenshot via The Fake Food Show!

He also called the fried rice “garbage” and the Philly cheesesteak bao “terrible.”

Screenshot via The Fake Food Show!

Although Yee’s YouTube video has only received less than a thousand views at the time of writing, his video on TikTok has garnered over 721,000 views.

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Trader Joe’s customers called out the company last year for its use of ethnic-sounding product labels.

Thousands of people signed a petition in July 2020, urging the grocery chain to rebrand its “racist” labels.

In a statement issued the following month, Trader Joe’s declared it would not make any changes to its labels.

Feature Image via The Fake Food Show!

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