Elderly Chinese Woman Forced to Ride Toy Scooter Home When Son is Too Busy To Pick Her Up

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An elderly female playground caretaker recently caused alarm in China after taking a toy scooter for a ride on the main road.


Identified by local media as Ms. Hou, the 76-year-old woman was captured on film riding a fake electric bike with a colorful cartoon dragon design on a street in Suzhou city, according to MailOnline.

In the video captured by an onlooker, the grandmother can be seen comfortably riding the head-turning toy vehicle at night.


The footage immediately went viral after it was uploaded on social media and eventually caught the attention of authorities. 

When questioned by local police, Hou revealed that she works as a playground caretaker for a park’s toy car rental.

She explained that she had long been suffering from leg pain and depended on her son who usually gave her a lift home after work.


According to Hou, her son had been too busy to pick her up so she decided to ride home with the scooter. She noted her home was not that far and figured that the road had less traffic at night.

After being lectured about road safety the caretaker promised to never ride the toy car on the road again.

Many social media users found the incident adorable, but others also expressed concerns about the safety of the grandmother rider and other commuters on the road.


Featured Image Screenshot via 环球网

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