Tourists Face 10 Years P‌r‌‌is‌o‌‌‌n in Thailand After Va‌nd‌‌‌aliz‌‌i‌n‌g 800-Year-Old Wall

tourists vandalizing

A pair of British and Canadian tourists could be ‌j‌a‌‌i‌l‌e‌d for up to 10 years in Thailand after va‌n‌daliz‌in‌g an 800-year-old wall with spray-paint.

Lee Furlong and Brittney Schneider, both 23, were a‌rr‌est‌e‌d‌ at a hostel in Chiang Mai on Friday, Thai Rath News reported.

CCTV footage shows two of four people approaching and spray-painting the historic Tha Phae Gate about 4 a.m. on Thursday.

Furlong, who came from the U.K., wrote “Scouser,” referring to a person in his Liverpool hometown.

Schneider, who came from Canada, then came next with a letter “B,” her first initial, below “Scouser.”

Furlong (Left) and Schneider (Right) arrested

Polic‌‌e, who found an empty spray can at the site, said that both showed signs of intoxication during the graffiti episode.

They had also “admitted to the crime,” an officer told Reuters.

Schneider (Left) points at the wall to reenact the incident

On top of a 10-year p‌riso‌‌n term, the pair could be forced to pay one million baht ($30,670) in fines.

Following their arrest, they were also paraded in front of the media for a reenactment of the crime, Thai PBS reported.

Journalists and onlookers gather around Furlong and Schneider

Municipal cleaners have since attempted to scrub off the graffiti.

Meanwhile, enraged citizens slammed the tourists’ actions on social media:

“It’s such a shame.”

“Press charges and prosecute!”

“Let the embassies know what their people are doing.”

“Deport them right away.”

“Put them on Thailand’s blacklist.”

Images via YouTube / Viral Press

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