Tourist Goes Viral After Getting ‘Fresh Spring Rolls’ Tattoo in Thailand

A female tourist in Thailand has gone viral on social media after getting “fresh spring rolls” tattooed on her back.

A picture shared on imgur shows the tourist, a blonde woman, with the epic tattoo fail.

The picture has received nearly 670,000 views as of this writing.

It is unclear what the unfortunate tourist actually wanted inked on her back.

This is not the first time people have gotten botched tattoo jobs in a foreign language.

Some made unsuspecting customers look hideous, while others brought life-threatening troubles.

Netizens commenting on ThaiVisa’s Facebook page poked fun at the error, though some suspected that she might genuinely like spring rolls.

Folks on reddit had similar thoughts, but some shared their own observations and similar experiences.

Do you think the tattoo means what it says?

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