Tourist in China captured on video taunting white tigers inside their zoo enclosure

tourist in china white tiger enclosure

A man in China ran into a wildlife park’s enclosure of white tigers and taunted them.  

What happened: In a recorded video released by Newsflare on Oct. 23, a tourist broke into the enclosure of white tigers at the Beijing Wildlife Park during a self-driving tour.

  • In the video, a 56-year-old man surnamed Jiang can be seen standing a few feet away from 11 adult white tigers.
  • According to the South China Morning Post, Jiang stepped down from the car and ran into the tigers’ enclosure.
  • As he ignored the patrolling staff’s warnings, he reportedly made noises to verbally provoke the tigers.
  • The apex predators tolerated the tourist before they were successfully distracted by the park’s staff. They were lured into their cages after the staff members threw firecrackers and food at them.
  • Jiang was successfully rescued without any injuries. He was detained by the police and is under investigation for “seriously damaging public order.”

Featured Image via Newsflare

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