Ignorant Tourists Are Complaining That Thai King’s Death Ruined Their Vacation

Ignorant Tourists Are Complaining That Thai King’s Death Ruined Their Vacation

October 16, 2016
Last week, Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej passed away at the age of 88.
To pay respects to the late King, nightlife in Thailand has been banned for one month and alcohol sales have been restricted. Businesses in Bangkok’s infamous red light district — including strip clubs and brothels are closed indefinitely. Additionally, the monthly full-moon party popular amongst the youth has been cancelled
The government has asked its people to wear black as an expression of national morning, according to BBC. Foreigners are urged to switch their bikinis and shorts for more modest clothing to not offend locals.
October is typically Thailand’s busy season where up to three million tourists visit. So some tourists were not happy when they heard that they wouldn’t be able to party as hard as expected.
Liam Pearce, 23, a traveler from North Wales, is flying to Thailand next Thursday for two weeks. He says he was “dissapointed” when he heard the news.
“It’s a bit of a nightmare. I’m really disappointed,” Pearce told the Daily Mail. It’s basically my whole holiday ruined. It couldn’t have happened at a worse time.”
Since Pearce has already booked his flights and paid for his hotels, he will be unable to get a refund.
“I was really looking forward taking in the bars and night life and going to the full moon party but won’t be able to do that now,” he said.
Other Westerners have taken to social media to express their disappointment.
Florence Cook said:
“The country is now going into mourning for a year. This poses serious problems for our holiday/tour.”
@n0chrome Tweeted:
“Sorry we can’t cancel our tickets… we’ll pretend to have fun and joy”
“No alcohol in Thailand for 30 days because of mourning the death of the king? Well that’s the full moon party ruined 😩😩 ,” Tweeted @Dotty_doddy3
Other tourists, like Darren Turner from Australia, was more understanding of Thailand’s current situation:
“It doesn’t bother me,” he told NZ Herald. “This is a man who stood on the throne unopposed for 70 years. He did a lot for his country and his people, and it’s good to show a mark of respect for his passing.”
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