Over 200 Stage Workout Protest in Torrance Park After ‘Ultra Karen’s’ Anti-Asian Racism

Over 200 Stage Workout Protest in Torrance Park After ‘Ultra Karen’s’ Anti-Asian Racism
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
June 15, 2020
Hundreds of people gathered at a park in Torrance, California where an Asian American woman was verbally assaulted by a racist woman last week to denounce anti-Asian hate.
The protesters gathered at Charles H. Wilson Park on June 12 to workout while dressed in all black.
The attire was a nod to a comment made by the woman identified as Lena Hernandez, where she criticized the Filipino American woman for “wearing black in California sun,” according to KTLA5.
The movement, called “We Sweat with You,” was organized by South Bay Social last week.
“We are joining forces to show support for our South Bay neighbor who was verbally harassed with racial comments this week while working out in Wilson Park,” the announcement read. “Please wear all black. Let’s sweat out this hate and fill up the park with love.”
“I just think the show of love here will make more people think twice before saying those kind of words,” a female attendee, who was one of the 200 people present at the workout protest, said. “I think it’s so important for people to speak up, to really spread the message to all those who have hate in this world, that really we just want to be one world, one community.”
On June 10, Facebook user Sherry Berry was berated by Hernandez while exercising on stairs in the park. Hernandez threatened Berry saying, “You’re going to get your ass kicked by my family. They’re going to f**k you up,” before starting her racist rant.
Feature Image Screenshot via (left) KTLA5  (right) @myullz
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