Filipino American Woman Harassed by Racist ‘Ultra Karen’ in Torrance

Filipino American Woman Harassed by Racist ‘Ultra Karen’ in TorranceFilipino American Woman Harassed by Racist ‘Ultra Karen’ in Torrance
Bryan Ke
June 11, 2020
Editor’s Note: This article has been updated to include a video of a separate incident showing the license plate number of the same woman.
A Filipino American woman was recently harassed by a woman while she was exercising outdoors in California.
Sherry Berry was reportedly minding her own business while working out at the bottom of some stairs in Wilson Park in Torrance on June 10 at around 7 a.m.
That’s when a woman walked over and reportedly began to harass her, according to a post on Facebook.
It was unclear if the woman in blue shorts hit Sherry after she doubled back to come down from the stairs, seconds after she went up, which prompted her to say “Jesus,” or if she disregarded the social distancing rule amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
The unnamed woman threatened Sherry saying, “You’re going to get your ass kicked by my family. They’re going to f**k you up,” before she started her racist rant.
She then went on to say, “Go back to whatever f****ng Asian country you belong,” and “We do not want you here.”
Before walking away, the woman dared Sherry to post her video on Facebook, adding, “I hope you do. Because every other person would beat the crap out of you from here on out.”
“Don’t you ever say ‘oh Jesus’ to me when I want use the stairs you little b***h,” she said before walking away.
In the post, the victim’s friend said Sherry already reported what happened to the Torrance Police Department (TPD) and that she was given an incident number.
The identity of the woman or the investigation about the case has not been confirmed yet.
Social media users were furious at the woman’s behavior, including the host of The May Lee Show, May Lee.
“I went online and see this hideous video of this Filipino American woman who is trying to exercise and apparently she likes to video herself exercising in the park,” she said in a Facebook post.
She added, “And so this video shows her on these stairs in this park and this White woman, probably in her mid-60s it looks like, just started ripping into her.”
Lee went on to describe the events that unfolded in the video.
“This, of course, yet another example of the racist coming out of the woodwork and thinking that they could say whatever the f**k they want and it’s funny because here we are in the middle of protesting for the Black Lives Matter, and Black Lives Matter is the movement that affects us all, all people of color,” she said before explaining that the movement is about “the disease of racism that is so rampant in this country.”
“So here we are trying to fight against that and these people are coming out of the woodwork,” Lee added.
“I’m frustrated clearly as I’m sure a lot of you are, but I just had to speak up again about the fact that this s**t is happening constantly. We have to continue to speak up, we have to continue to speak out, we have to continue to push back and I’m so glad that things are being videotaped because these people need to be called out and humiliated.”
This woman has apparently had a history of violent behavior when Twitter user @kayceelyn_a, another Asian woman, came forward with a story of physical assault in a Del Amo Mall bathroom in October 2019.
She filed a police report with the TPD and was given a case card, but supposedly “nothing came of it.”
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The same woman can be seen in a separate incident and video by a Twitter user who managed to record her license plate number.
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TPD Community Affairs Division and Public Information Officer Sergeant Alexander Martinez told NextShark that the department was “made aware through social media yesterday,” and at the time “no one filed a report.”
Sherry met with the police today to file a crime report, and they are “investigating to positive I.D. the woman who made the racist remarks.” Once they do, they will submit it to the City Prosecutor and District Attorney.
Sergeant Martinez also took notice of the incident from October 2019 and said the TPD will be contacting her as well.
When asked if the verbal abuser might have any bias against Asian women, the sergeant said that the investigators will interview her to see if it’s “random” or if she has “something against women of Asian descent.”
The TPD wants to make it so people can feel safe in Wilson Park. NextShark has reached out to Sherry for further comment on this developing story.
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