Adorable Panda Destroying a Snowman is How We All Feel About 2016

Every year, the snow season brings the holiday fun and cheer, for better or worse.
For one panda living in the Toronto Zoo, that means having a blast destroying a snowman that someone built in its enclosure.
Da Mao is a Chinese panda who’s been living in Canada since 2013, Yomyomf said.
We know pandas are playful, but there’s something more, possibly symbolic, in watching Da Mao rip apart the snowman.
Perhaps it’s Da Mao’s way of taking his anger out on everything the world has had to endure in 2016.
Regardless, we thank him for the adorable Panda vs. Snowman match this holiday season. It might even rival the bikini babes who tried building a snowman on a mountain.
Watch the full clip below:
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