Top Chinese Blogger Offers $15 Class Promising You 50% More Salary in 3 Years

Top Chinese Blogger Offers $15 Class Promising You 50% More Salary in 3 Years

November 24, 2017
A wang hong in China is now offering a course that would help employees get 50% more salary — with refunds available if it never happens.
With more than 100 million followers on WeChat, blogger Mi Meng is charging 99 yuan ($15) for the 15-hour course launching on Ximalaya, an audio-sharing platform, from Dec. 1.
The course will cover areas such as negotiating with a boss, getting promoted and finding a better job. It will also focus on factors affecting one’s salary.
Mi promises the 50% raise within three years. She told reporters (via the South China Morning Post):
“You have the skills. You just need to know how to get there.”
Anyone who fails to meet the goal will be given a full refund, the online celebrity added.
A former reporter, Mi started blogging in 2015 and has since written stories that went viral and stirred controversy. She became very popular that advertisers on her social media pay as much as 680,000 yuan ($102,975) for a front page promotion.
However, some are skeptical about the course, arguing that a 50% increase in annual salary is normal for most employees — especially in three years’ time.
Moreover, the 2017 Chinese University Employment report found that university graduates who started working in 2013 saw their monthly salaries increase by 84% in the last three years.
A netizen commented on Zhihu, a question-and-answer website (via CGTN):
“This is a very well designed financial product. Mi Meng could have no interest deposit, even if everyone claims a refund in the next three years, and she could have 20 percent increase for inflation in the next three years.”
What do you think about Mi’s course?
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