New App Lets You Buy Leftover Food From Restaurants For Cheap in the U.K.

A Danish startup has created an app which lets people order leftover food from restaurants, cafes and bakeries for cheap in the UK.  
Developed and first launched in Denmark, the service called “Too Good To Go”, is an effort to minimize food waste from restaurants. Users are not able to choose the food items specifically, but depending on the chosen establishment they can know the type of food they’ll get.
To order the discounted food, users may pick a restaurant and then pay through the app. Customers may then pick up the food at a scheduled time, reported the Telegraph.
The price starts at £2, or around $2.50. The most expensive, according to the company’s website, is food from the “second best Japanese restaurant in the UK” which costs at max £3.80 or less than $5.
For the generous souls, there is even an option to donate meals to needy people. To date, more than 1,100 meals have been donated.
Participating establishments earn extra by selling leftover food that would have been otherwise thrown. Too Good To Go also gets a revenue cut from each sale.
“Food waste just seems like one of the dumbest problems we have in this world,” co-founder James Crummie told Business Green.
“The restaurant industry is wasting about 600,000 tonnes of food each year, and in the UK alone there are one million people on emergency food parcels from food banks. Why do we have these two massive social issues that are completely connected, yet there is not much going on to address them?”
Too Good To Go said it is trying to contribute in helping to address the global problem of food wastage by reducing discarded leftover food.
“In the space of barely six months we’ve helped prevent approximately over 200 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions and provided thousands of meals that would have otherwise been discarded to those in need,” the company states in its website.
The app, which is currently available in Brighton, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds, will also be in London later this month.
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