Tony Robbins Rescues Two Nuns Who Couldn’t Afford San Francisco’s Outrageous Rent

Two French nuns in San Francisco who were facing eviction got saved by an unlikely guardian angel — motivational speaker Tony Robbins.

The sisters of the Fraternite Notre Dame Mary of Nazareth Soup Kitchen, who’ve devoted the past eight years to feeding the homeless, were told by their landlord that they had to leave if they could not pay a 60% rent increase. According to the Chronicle, the rent hike was too high for the community-serving nuns who sell handmade pastries at farmers’ markets to make ends meet.

After reading about the plight of the sisters in a local newspaper in San Francisco, Robbins decided to pay them a visit while he was in the area.

Robbins was so impressed with their charity work that he gave them a $25,000 check after he got to know more about them and what they do. A deal struck with landlord Nick Patel ensured that the amount will let them be able to stay in their home at 54 Turk St. for one full year. An additional $25,000 was promised as well so they will be able find a new place to continue their kind mission.

“The owner of the building is a businessman, and it’s his business — I understand that,” Robbins told the Chronicle. “So instead of putting everyone at conflict, he needed to have a way out. It’s a model of how to do things. Everyone wins.”

In response to Tony’s kind gesture, others created a crowdfunding page to support the sisters’ work of feeding the hungry. With 145 donations and counting, the effort has so far raised more than $14,000.

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