Tony Robbins Just Gave Out Some Unexpected Advice About Saving Money

If a single move could put you one step closer to achieving the financial freedom you’ve always dreamed of, would you do it?

In a guest article for Entrepreneur, motivational coach Tony Robbins writes that relocating to a different city from the one you are currently living in now could be a financially smart move.

Moving could potentially save you 10-20% or more of current costs since housing, food and taxes differ drastically depending on where you live. You also don’t have to wait until retirement to move — Robbins urges young adults to find a place now while they are still relatively mobile. That way, they can enjoy the benefits of paying for a lower cost of living — and their future families can too.

So why aren’t more people trading in that tiny studio apartment in San Francisco for a comfortable house in Texas? Many people are held back by the fears of moving to a new place and leaving family and friends behind. However, Robbins asks us to consider:

“But if you saw that you could start your dream business a decade sooner, might it be worth it?”

According to Robbins, a single move could increase your current income by 10-30%. That additional money could potentially kickstart your entrepreneurial dreams.

Tony Robbins took his own advice and moved his family from Southern California to Palm Beach, Florida, where he pays no state income tax. He encourages other people to consider moving to states that level no income taxes, including Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington and Wyoming.

Could making a move turn out to be the best investment of your life?

Source: Entrepreneur
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