Zappos’ CEO is Worth $840 Million, But Lives in a Trailer Park

Tony Hsieh is not a poor guy. From selling his first startup, LinkExchange, to Microsoft for $265 million and his second one, Zappos, for $1.2 billion, the 41-year-old boasts a reported net worth of $840 million.

With that kind of money, Hsieh could pretty much live anywhere he chooses. However he decided to move out of his luxury apartment and move into a trailer park last year with his pet alpaca Marley.

The park is a part of the $350 million that he invested in revitalizing downtown Las Vegas to essentially turn it into a Silicon Valley for Nevada. David Gelles of the New York Times wrote:

“A vacant lot is now a trailer park crammed with shiny silver Airstreams that are rented out to visiting computer coders. He moved into one trailer a few months ago and keeps a pet alpaca there. He calls the community Llamalopolis. It is the anti-Vegas.”

But these trailer homes are far from being run-down. Kristy Totten of Las Vegas Weekly wrote:

“Inside, the Airstreams are sleek and high-tech, with wood paneling, stainless-steel appliances, a Bluetooth stereo and two TVs. The Tumbleweeds are homier, with the feel of a modern wood cabin, but with less tech and less space—the main sleeping quarters are lofted, and there’s no couch or kitchen table. The trailers were initially purchased for a hotel concept, but that hasn’t gotten off the ground.”

Here’s an idea of what some of these trailer homes look like. 

Hsieh has always been known to be quite frugal with money. Erik Moore, an early Zappos investor, told Business Insider:

“Money is just a way for Tony to get to his endgame. Money just doesn’t matter to him. If he only had a million dollars left, he’d spend $999,999 to make Vegas work. He would be just as happy with a dollar in the bank and being around people he cares about and care about him.”


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