Tony Hinchcliffe Spews Racist Comments After Being Introduced by Asian Comedian in Texas

Tony Hinchcliffe

American stand-up comedian Tony Hinchcliffe made several racist comments during a comedy show in Austin last week as Asian Americans continue to face rising hate crimes across the country.

The video: Peng Dang, a Chinese national stand-up comedian who performs in the U.S., shared a brief video of Hinchcliffe during their show last week, where the former introduced him on stage.

  • Hinchcliffe referred to Dang as a “filthy little f*cking ch*nk” as he asked the crowd to give Dang a round of applause.
  • The audience cheered and laughed at Hinchcliffe’s remark.
  • He then put on a fake Asian accent and said, “Oh, we make gunpowder,” “Oh, you want extra soy sauce” and “Oh, you borrow money from us.”
  • The video also went viral on Tiktok shared by @mikekimcomedy.

Dang’s response: Dang told NextShark on Wednesday that he was shocked and upset by the comment, which followed Dang’s opening act that included a segment on the #StopAsianHate movement. A previous filming of this set has gone viral in China on Weibo.

  • He said he had to “step outside during the performance,” as the comments upset him. Afterwards, they did not speak to each other.
  • While he’s opened up for Hinchcliffe once before this incident, Dang noted the pair are not friends.

Hinchcliffe faces backlash: Many online did not find Hinchcliffe’s joke as amusing.

NextShark has reached out to agencies that book Hinchcliffe’s comedy shows for further comment and will update this article accordingly.

Featured Image via Peng Dang

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