Chinese Restaurant in Australia Gets Racist, Hate-Filled Letter in Mail

Chinese Restaurant in Australia Gets Racist, Hate-Filled Letter in MailChinese Restaurant in Australia Gets Racist, Hate-Filled Letter in Mail
A Chinese restaurant in Australia took to Facebook to expose a racist, hate-filled letter it had received earlier this week.
Like other businesses, Tong Lok Chinese Restaurant, located in the affluent Melbourne suburb of Ashburton, is already struggling with capacity restrictions amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
Tong Lok Chinese Restaurant. Image via Tong Lok Chinese Restaurant
That being said, it did not help when a letter asking them to “go back to Wuhan” showed up in their mail on Tuesday.
As with most hate mails, the letter did not have a return address, so whoever is responsible remains at large.
“Why don’t you Chinese … go back to Wuhan, China? You will never be Australian,” the sender wrote. “You are and will always be bloody bird and animal sh*t-eating Chinese.”
The sender went on to accuse Chinese people of being “greedy, liars, dirty, unhygienic, evil and money-laundering criminals.”
Image via Tong Lok Chinese Restaurant
The sender said Chinese people take room “that could be used for own people.” They also used the ethnic group of taking Australian jobs and homes.
“You Chinese will be cursed –all curses in your religion are on you, [you] bird and animal sh*t-eating Chinese,” the sender added. “Go back to where you came from!”
Image via Tong Lok Chinese Restaurant
In its response, Tong Lok said that it will not be stopped by such messages and vowed to continue serving patrons.
“Very sad to see that some people think Australia belongs to them… This is a first and hopefully the last and we hope that there will be no further problems resulting from this,” the restaurant said. “This will not phase [sic] us and we at Tong Lok Chinese Restaurant will continue to bring good Chinese food to the community.”
It’s unknown whether the restaurant has lodged a report to authorities. In September, a strikingly-similar letter was found at a Melbourne store after other Asian businesses had been vandalized.
“Why don’t you bloody bird and wild animal sh*t-eating Chinese go back to where you came from? You have contaminated the whole world, killed millions — you are murderers,” the letter stated.
A similar letter left in a store located at a shopping strip in Clayton Road, City of Monash in September. Image via Cr George Hua
Tong Lok received messages of support from Facebook users.
“I hope you have been to report this to the police. They can’t do anything really, but at least it will be on record. Please don’t go anywhere! We love the food and and friendly service you provide for us and the depth and diversity of the Chinese culture. Thank you for being you,” one user commented.
Another wrote, “I can’t wait until the 25-kilometer travel limit in Melbourne is lifted so I can drive 35 kilometers to support you, because I believe it’s worth it. Please never stop the amazing hard work that you do for the community.”
Feature Image via Tong Lok Chinese Restaurant (left and right)
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