Dear Asians Who Aren’t Offended at Yuli Gurriel’s ‘Slant Eyes’…

Dear Asians Who Aren’t Offended at Yuli Gurriel’s ‘Slant Eyes’…Dear Asians Who Aren’t Offended at Yuli Gurriel’s ‘Slant Eyes’…
Dear Asians that are not offended by Yuli (Astro’s dude) and the MLB’s disciplinary action towards the dude, 
(Also CC: Any non-Asians that don’t understand why Asians are so angry about this.)
This will get pretty contradicting but here we go and I’ll try to explain myself.
So I had a pretty interesting conversation with my friend Paul about this topic, because he didn’t understand why there were some Asians that would write out, “hey personally i’m not offended….” We got in this whole talk about unity and just how embarrassing it was that MLB would just let this happen and let the dude slide.
I’m actually one of those guys, and the conversation with him made me realize why I had to explain to people why I wasn’t offended but at the same time… offended.
I’m not offended by the dude. If this dude did it on the street towards me, I would pay it no attention. Its everyday life. So I get where you are coming from. I am not offended by being called Chino because I grew up with that nickname. I just chalk it up as… It’s just another idiot being an idiot… or he thinks it’s okay because he has Asian friends.
And at the same time I totally understand the people that are offended because they haven’t grown up around a Spanish neighborhood.
But it’s not about ME. Its not about YOU. It’s not about your other Asian friends “complaining” about it on their social media. It’s not about the grown ass idiots that think we’re complaining to complain. It’s not.
IT’S ABOUT THE KIDS. You’re showing on National TV it’s okay to act like that towards an Asian person. It’s about the kids at school the next day that saw that on TV. It’s about this kid in the picture attached that thinks its all part of the ball game.
I can deal with that stuff because I’m at an age where I know for a fact there’s just some people out here that are ignorant. But try explaining that to a kid.
They can’t comprehend that. Try explaining it to the Asian kids that have to deal with that in school.
So I’m offended for the community. I’m offended for my future kids. I’m offended for my friend’s kids. I’m offended that they’re willing to let the future of America think,
“Hey that’s a bad racial gesture… but it’s not that bad. They’re only suspending him in 2018, it’s not bad enough to spoil this baseball series.” 
So yes. Be offended for our FUTURE.
– Tom
Tom Ngo is an Asian-American Entrepreneur/activist who’s worked in the music industry for over 10 years, throws Azn parties, and is the self proclaimed Lord of the Azns. Born and raised in the San Gabriel Valley and doesn’t like boba.
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