Tom Hiddleston Ad in China Lets You Be His Chinese Wife

A new multivitamin commercial featuring “Avengers” star Tom Hiddleston has gone viral on Chinese social media for all reasons imaginable.

The Centrum ad, which was released in China, was filmed from the perspective of a woman — presumably Hiddleston’s female partner.


In the minute-long spot, the woman wakes up to find Hiddleston in a black apron at the kitchen counter, preparing her breakfast.

“Hey! Morning,” the actor greets. “I finished early so I thought I’d pop back and make you breakfast.”

Hiddleston then serves the breakfast: a plate of fruits and vegetables meticulously arranged in rows with a heart-shaped, sunny-side-up egg on top.

He garnishes the salad with pepper.

“Pepper on top, right?” the actor asks in confirmation.

He then grabs a bottle of Centrum and reminds the woman to take her tablet — in Mandarin.

“You look great,” he compliments the woman.

Toward the end, Hiddleston dons a suit with the woman’s help and heads out.

“Probably a bit busy for the next few weeks, but … I’ll make it up to you soon,” he assures the woman. “I promise.”

The ad, which has since gone viral beyond China, drew mixed reactions from international viewers.

Some were baffled at the breakfast Hiddleston had prepared, while others — who assumed no romantic relationship between them — were concerned about his sudden appearance at someone’s house to randomly cook breakfast and leave shortly.

“I have questions… He came back early to make her breakfast and he is apparently leaving for work… Where were you all night, Tom?” one person asked, according to The Independent.

While many foreigners seemed to be confused about the ad, it was reportedly a hit among locals. According to Inkstone News, the spot was successful in China because, for one, it was filmed vertically, which makes it appealing to mobile-savvy Chinese consumers.

Additionally, the fact that Hiddleston spoke in Mandarin — “Oh, and here’s your Centrum” — are reportedly appreciated by many, with some already declaring him a language genius.

Images via Weibo / @TomHiddlestonOfficial

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