Tom Hanks Surprises Japanese Restaurant, Takes Selfie With Drunk Japanese Men

A couple of drunk Japanese men got their flushed faces seen by millions of people around the world after having an impromptu selfie session with legendary actor Tom Hanks.

Diners at a local soba restaurant in Tokyo got a pleasant surprise when the Hollywood star suddenly popped up to enjoy himself some traditional Japanese food on Friday.

Taking a break from a busy press day for the promotion of his latest film “Sully” in Tokyo, the popular international actor decided to venture out and check the local cuisine.

Hanks posted photos of him enjoying his time with the delighted folks on his Twitter account. He can be seen playfully posing with his “crew” for some selfies in the restaurant.

The tweet, posted to the actor’s 12 million+ followers, has been widely shared and retweeted. RocketNews24 translated some elated Japanese Twitter users’ comments on the photo:

“Wow – it’s so great to see him out and enjoying a regular Japanese meal!”
“The drunk men at the table next to him will now be seen by millions of people around the world!”
“Tom Hanks blends in so well with the other diners that all I can see is a middle-aged man!”
“I had to look at this for a second to find out which one was the movie star!”


A photo posted by Otoyoshi Yakura (@tokyo.detail) on

Several Japanese Twitter users also revealed that Tom Hanks enjoyed his meal and spent time with his new found friends at the restaurant called Kanda Matsuya.

蕎麦 松屋

A photo posted by Otoyoshi Yakura (@tokyo.detail) on

Located among modern buildings, the establishment has an old traditional look. Popular among locals for its  handmade soba noodles, the restaurant is always packed with diners.

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