Tom Brady’s Emails Reveal the Struggle of Buying an $8,500 Pool Cover

Tom Brady’s Emails Reveal the Struggle of Buying an $8,500 Pool Cover
Sebastian Dillon
By Sebastian Dillon
August 6, 2015
As part of the NFL Players Association’s counterclaim against the NFL over his four-game Deflategate suspension, Patriots quarterback, probable football deflator and professional beautiful person Tom Brady unleashed a pile of emails to the public.
While his emails are completely irrelevant to the scandal itself, we still get to see how Brady handles daily life decisions that regular people may identify with, like buying a pool cover for the winter. Unlike regular people, however, super millionaire Brady has to decide on whether to buy an $8,500 pool cover despite already having a perfectly good one already.
We get to see the back-and-forth between Brady and his manager, Ben Rawitz, over the decision until his supermodel wife, Gisele Bundchen, puts an end to it all.

On October 21, Brady’s manager dropped the bomb that he has to pay for an $8,300 pool cover (plus a $200 installation fee).

But Brady already has a pool cover.

It’s just not good enough.

Then what’s the point of the one on the pool now??

Well, everyone has two covers, man.

Okay fine, but it’s still a month until winter, right?

Here’s what happens if you don’t have an $8,300 pool cover.

Okay, let’s go with the white cover.

Sorry, all out of white. =(

What?? No white covers??

The wife has decided. The end.

And that is the struggle of life for us all.
Source: Business Insider
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