Toll Booth Worker Abused to Tears by Angry Drivers Still Smiles for Customers

toll booth

A viral video from southwestern China that shows a toll booth worker being abused to the point of crying, but still continuing to smile as she gave out tickets to motorists is breaking hearts. 

The clip was captured inside a toll booth in Guizhou province, China, according to South China Morning Post.


In the clip, an unnamed woman can be seen fighting back tears as she turns her face away from the window to wipe her eyes. When a vehicle approaches her booth, she then smiles like nothing happened.

As noted in the report, the woman had earlier helped move a broken-down car, causing a delay in the queue. Those lining up were upset, leading several to scold her for the wait.

Netizens conveyed their empathy with the woman. One Weibo user wrote: “I cried while watching this. I’ve had the same experience. Life is not easy.”

It’s so heartbreaking to watch her crying. Life is hard. Please show each other kindness and understanding,” another said.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube / South China Morning Post

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