Japanese Train Company Shames Women Who Do Their Make-Up on Trains

Japanese Train Company Shames Women Who Do Their Make-Up on Trains
Ryan General
October 31, 2016
Female netizens are up in arms against a private railway company in Japan after it released a new ad that shames women who apply make-up during train rides.
Criticized for being sexist, the 30-second video produced by railway firm Tokyu Corporation directly points out that it is improper to apply make-up while on a train, according to the Washington Post.
In the video two girls are shown applying mascara and lipstick while commuting inside a train. Watching the young ladies groom themselves, Japanese actress Sawa Nimura spoke in commentary: “Women in the big city are all beautiful. But they can be ugly sometimes.”
Seemingly angered by what she was witnessing, she then suddenly jumps up in front of the women and danced in an aggressive manner, singing: “Why can’t you do it before you get on the train? Your eyebrows restored and eyelashes multiplied, your transformation is witnessed.”
The PSA wraps up with a message stating, “Please do not put on makeup on the train.”
The “no-make up” advisory is the latest directive to be added to a long list of guidelines that point out the proper way to use the public railway. Other behaviors deemed inconsiderate while riding Japanese trains includes wearing backpacks on the back, talking on mobile phones, and eating while in transit, among others.
“I can understand it if Tokyu’s ad asks me to stop putting makeup on because makeup powder might spill over or its smell bothers others,” wrote Twitter user @ryudokaoruko, quoted by The Japan Times. “But a railway company has no right to tell me whether I look beautiful or ugly.”
The message by @ryudokaoruko gained massive support, having been retweeted more than 5,800 times.
“If the firm wants to clamp down on people who make others uncomfortable, it should create a commercial targeting people with body odors, or people who smell of alcohol or vomit,” tweeted @tinasuke.
“There are passengers who are a much bigger nuisance, such as drunks and gropers,” commented another, according to Kyodo News Agency.
Other commenters side with the train company, adding criticisms to women applying make-up on trains.
“It’s so egocentric that I now understand why young Japanese men would rather stay single. No real man would be attracted to a woman he saw on a train trying to make herself presentable,” a netizen pointed out.
According to Japan Today (via the Washington Post), the ad is just one of four created by Tokyu as part of an awareness campaign on passenger etiquette during train rides. One ad touched on people who use smartphones while walking along the platform while another criticized people who jump the line to get ahead on boarding the train.
Tokyu spokesperson Masayuki Yanagisawa revealed that there are no plans of pulling out the ads despite some harsh feedback since there are a significant number of Japanese who support their campaign.
“We have actually received more positive feedback than negative,” Yanagisawa said.
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