Tokyo’s First Video Game Bar Offers Free Licensed Games if You Buy Drinks

A video game bar in Tokyo’s Otaku culture epicenter, Akihabara, has become the first arcade to offer free-to-play licensed games in Japan.

Tokyo Video Gamers, located under the railroad tracks near Akihabara Station, is a type of “barcade” where paying guests can play for free, according to SoraNews24.

Those who visit the barcade can choose from its large menu consisting of alcoholic to non-alcoholic drinks and food, such as French fries, takoyaki octopus dumpling, pastas and more. They also offer collaboration drinks, which comes with a non-alcoholic option.


What sets them apart from the other bars with similar concept, though, is the licensed games they offer to their patrons. The bar managed to acquire permission from many iconic video game developers, such as Sega, Arc System Works, SNK, City Connection, G-Mode, Paon DP and Dotemu SAS for their games, Kotaku reported.

However, it is unclear if Tokyo Video Gamers would have to work with game companies and copyright holders for the games in the arcade, the report added.

In addition to the games, Tokyo Video Gamers also offer official game merchandise like t-shirts in its bar.

Exclusive glassware featuring logos from game developers are also being sold in the bar for 1,800 yen ($17), Geek Culture reported.

The staff at the barcade might also play with the customers in case they want to challenge a real human being and not a computer. The bar also offers a free drink for those who set the highest scores in “Space Invaders.”

Tokyo Video Gamers is open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Images via PR Times

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