Tokyo Opens Its First Teacup Pig Cafe

In Japan, eating your favorite desserts with cats, hedgehogs, and owls is so 2018.

Tokyo, home to every animal cafe imaginable, now has a special cafe that lets you play with a small breed of pigs known as “teacup pigs.”

Animal lovers can head down to Tokyo’s Meguro ward to check out the Mipig Cafe, the first to offer the chance to touch and play with teacup pigs while enjoying some tea.

Between two and four months old, the diminutive piggies featured in the cafe reportedly weigh less than 11 pounds each, according to Inside Edition

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190416 🐷<4月インスタキャンペーンのお知らせだよ〜🐾 ・ 3月インスタキャンペーンはブタさん大集合写真撮影会でした🐽✨(大好評だったはず!笑) ・ 4月のプレゼントは3組様に… “推しブタさん一人占め♡30分屋根裏部屋貸切”です🐷🐷 ・ mipig cafeのアカウントをフォローの上、#mipigcafe と#マイクロブタさんのお友だち の2つのハッシュタグをつけて、ステキなお写真を投稿下さい😉✨ ・ ※貸切は5月の平日限定となりますので、ご了承くださいませ🙏 ※お1人様まで同行可能です👭 ・ ご応募、お待ちしておりますー💌 ・ #mipig#マイピッグ#mipigcafe#マイピッグカフェ#マイクロブタカフェ#マイクロブタ#micropig #マイクロブタさんのおうち#マイクロブタさんのお友だち#おもしろ動画#ペット#pet#おもしろペット

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Due to their adorable features, they are popular among pet owners and celebrities.

It is worth noting that while there are a variety of pure miniature domestic pigs that still exist, they are now in small numbers as the pure breed is critically endangered.

The pigs we commonly see today are usually derived from cross-breeding pot-bellied pigs with other smaller breeds such as the Göttingen minipigs, Juliana pigs, Choctaw Hogs, or kunekunes.

According to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals International (SPCA), others are even inbred to be smaller, which often leads to “genetic disorders, short life spans and a host of health problems.”

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