Tokyo Restaurant to Serve Custom 3D-Printed Sushi According to Your Health Needs

Tokyo Restaurant to Serve Custom 3D-Printed Sushi According to Your Health Needs

August 13, 2020
A new restaurant in Tokyo is bringing on the future of sushi this year.
Created by startup Open Meals, Sushi Singularity will serve what it calls the “new sushi” — 3D-printed servings based on an individual’s health needs.
The restaurant takes pride in harnessing three high-tech concepts that enable the “food revolution.” These include its (1) food fabrication machine, (2) food operation system and (3) health identification system.
Prospective guests must first make reservations. The restaurant will then return health test kits to their address.
Guests will provide samples of their DNA, urine and other bodily fluids, which will collectively make up their “Health ID.”
Once the restaurant has the guests’ ID, it will then start developing their customized sushi.
Sushi Singularity offers eight “conceptual models” in its menu. Check them out below:

1. Cell-cultured Tuna

Cell-cultured Tuna. This piece’s internal structure reproduces the subtle sensation of tuna muscle.

2. Powdered Sintered Uni

Powdered Sintered Uni. A carbon dioxide laser is used to harden the uni powder and rice flour to resemble the shell of an actual sea urchin.

3. Negative Stiffness Honeycomb Octopus

Negative Stiffness Honeycomb Octopus. According to the restaurant, this piece will “create the sensation of, after first biting into it, disappearing, and then bouncing back, creating an unusual movement in your mouth when chewed.”

4. Oze Tick Kappa Roll

Oze Tick Kappa Roll. A laser is used to process the seaweed that wraps the rice and cucumber into an Oze Tick structure.

5. Anisotropic Stiffness Steamed Shrimp

Anisotropic Stiffness Steamed Shrimp. Anisotropy is the change in hardness according to chewing directions. This is incorporated into the structure to realize the texture of shrimp. From the top it is firm but from the side it is soft.

6. Squid Castle

Squid Castle. This piece uses a six-axis, computer-controlled router to create a Japanese castle made of flash-frozen squid. The squid melts in the mouth.

7. Micro Pillar Saltwater Eel

Micro Pillar Saltwater Eel. This piece features thousands of ultra-fine vertical hairs to mimic the texture of eel. The ultra-fine structure perfectly accommodates the sauce.

8. Dashi Soup Universe

Dashi Soup Universe. A cube-shaped portion of soup is enclosed in a membrane formed by alginic acid and calcium lactate. The object floating in the “universe” is 3D-printed.
Sushi Singularity expects to open some time this year. Head over to their official site for more information.
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