Huge Crowd Gathers in Tokyo to Watch Animal Control Epically Fail to Catch a Raccoon

tokyo raccoon

Akasaka, a district in Tokyo’s Minato ward, was recently thrown into panic and chaos after a wild raccoon made a rather rare appearance in the city’s commercial and residential area.

Animal control was later called in to catch the wild raccoon; but instead of onlookers feeling calm and relaxed by their presence, they became even more chaotic when they failed to capture the animal on the first try, Grapee reported.

In the clip posted by Japanese broadcasting network NHK on Twitter, animal control had difficulties in trying to capture the wild raccoon that hid on top of a tree on a sidewalk. They tried to nudge the branch that the raccoon was holding onto in the hopes that it would fall in one of the many nets waiting below it.

Unfortunately, the attempt failed and the raccoon managed to escape. The animal ran past the terrified crowds leaving screams of terror at its wake.

Luckily, they managed to capture the wild animal, possibly not far from where it was spotted and escaped, as can be see in a different video report from All Nippon News.

Some Japanese netizens were uncomfortable with animal control’s rough treatment for the creature during its capture. However, there were those who pointed that while raccoons can come off as a bit cute, they can be pretty dangerous to humans and domesticated animals.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube / ANNnewsCH

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