Tokyo Police Officers Struggle to ‘Arrest’ Runaway Giant Tortoise

Four police officers in Tokyo struggled to “arrest” a runaway giant tortoise which had been spotted taking a stroll in a residential area.

A concerned resident of Akishima city reportedly made an emergency call to Akishima Police Station on Monday to report the giant tortoise accompanied by a smaller tortoise near a local park. Tokyo’s Metropolitan Police Department immediately sent four officers from the local station in Akishima to handle the “situation.”

But the task was not as easy as it would seem, as the cops struggled to lift the larger of the two tortoises into their patrol car.

The scene, which caused a minor commotion, attracted curious onlookers near the area.

In the video footage of the amusing incident, the officers received some moral support from the local children who cheered them on while they figured out how to transport the tortoises.

According to the Mainichi, the bigger tortoise was about 70 centimeters long. “The tortoise looks like it weighs at least 30 kilograms,” a representative from the police station commented. “It’s the first time I’ve seen such a huge tortoise.”

The runaway tortoises, which are believed to be pets of a still unknown local resident, are reportedly safe in the care of the authorities.  The police are now looking for the owner of the reptiles. 

Feature image via Mainichi

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