New Cafe in Tokyo Has Bikini-Clad Waitresses That Pretend to Be Your Wife

A new cafe in the Higashi Ikebukuro neighborhood of Tokyo offers a bizarre service to hungry and lonely men — waitresses remembers their names, pretend to be their wife and serves them meals.

The cafe is called Ore no Yome, which translates to “My Wife.” Customers call beforehand to give the cafe their name, and when they arrive, their wife/waitress, wearing only a swimsuit and a kitchen apron, will greet them and cook them a meal. An advertisement for the cafe reads:

“As soon as you know what time you’ll be home, let me know dear! I’ll get your dinner ready.”

Of course, there may also be a lot of lonely ladies out there too — Ore no Yome also offers shirtless male waiters that wear single-strapped aprons called “darling husbands.”

According to the cafe website, it also appears that customers can browse their waitress wives beforehand. Information including their birthdays, measurements, favorite foods and even what kind of bed they prefer to sleep on are posted.

Source: RocketNews24
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