Man Stumbles Upon ‘Another World’ While Walking Around Tokyo’s Ginza District

Man Stumbles Upon ‘Another World’ While Walking Around Tokyo’s Ginza District
Carl Samson
December 10, 2018
A pedestrian in Tokyo, Japan discovered a “door to another world” amid tall buildings that seemingly transported him to a different place and time.
The man, who goes by @R_Nikaido on Twitter, shared a video of the disorienting experience that took place while he was strolling along the city’s affluent Ginza district last week.
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The video begins with @R_Nikaido being out on the street under the bright afternoon sky.
He quickly turns right into a building and walks along a narrow hall.
He then makes another turn to the right, which leads to a blue door that appears to be some kind of broom closet.
But it’s not.
As @R_Nikaido opens the door, he steps into a dark passageway only illuminated by the thin strip of space separating two buildings.
Surrounded by dead ends and locked gates, the narrow alley is a stark contrast from where he had been only a few seconds ago.
@R_Nikaido continues to walk until he seems to have reached yet another place of mystery.
This time, he is in the Toyoiwa Inari Shrine, dedicated to the Shinto god of rice.
According to SoraNews24, it’s unclear when the shrine was originally founded, but it nonetheless stayed with the passage of time, mystifying people with its “hidden” location.
From there, @R_Nikaido follows a series of lanterns that leads him back to a modern street.
@R_Nikaido’s video has received over 1.18 million views since its posting. Needless to say, his mini “Alice in Wonderland” adventure amazed users who have never been to anywhere similar before.
“I want to visit!”
“Wow, that is amazing!”
“I’ll want to run away in fear. It seems like a backdated world of the game ‘Silent Hill.'”
“I remember the door of the brick wall that appeared on ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.'”
“It seems that it will take about six months to regain reality if the person who crossed last wears a hakama.”
Images via Twitter / @R_Nikaido
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