Tokyo Hotel Offers ‘Crying Rooms’ to Women Who Need to Weep

Need a good cry? For most of us, locking ourselves in our bathrooms to let it all out or weeping into our pillows will do the trick. For those who have some extra cash to burn, renting a hotel room alone, armed with just the need to cry, might be the best way to cope.

Now there are designated hotel rooms, called “crying rooms,” for just that. The Mitsui Garden Yotsuya Hotel in the heart of Tokyo has just announced these special rooms specifically aimed at women.

In case visitors to the “crying rooms” find it hard to weep, a collection of tear-jerking movies that include copies of “Forrest Gump,” Japanese weeper “A Tale Of Mari And Three Puppies” and South Korean melodrama “A Moment to Remember” are present. There’s even a library of sad manga to choose from.

In the “crying room,” visitors will be ensconced in a placid place of comfort that’s fully-equipped for their crying needs. The rooms’ amenities include warm sheets, luxury tissues, makeup removers and even steam eye masks that you can put on after a cry to avoid having to leave the hotel with puffy eyes.

The “crying rooms” cost 10,000 yen (US $83) per night and are available until August 31.

While the room’s fee is a small price to pay if you need a cathartic moment in a serene atmosphere where no one’s judging you, you could always just make your own crying room by slinking off to a cheap motel armed with a bottle of vodka, a box of tissue and a copy of “The Notebook.” But, hey, whatever works!

Source: DailyMail
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