Tokyo Bathroom Really Wants You to Know Men Are Not Allowed Inside

Tokyo Bathroom Really Wants You to Know Men Are Not Allowed InsideTokyo Bathroom Really Wants You to Know Men Are Not Allowed Inside
Twitter user Chinda0312 stumbled upon a ladies’ lavatory in Tokyo’s Shinagawa Station that wants people to know who it is really intended for.
Chinda took pictures of the outside of the restroom, which had not just one, two or five signs showing the international silhouette for “women,” but nine symbols plastered all over the outer wall of the facilities.
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The manager of the bathroom also added written signs which read, “There is no men’s room here” and the “Restroom for women” sign in three different languages, according to SoraNews24.
After returning to the same place six days later, Chinda noticed that the awareness campaign to make sure everyone knows it’s a women’s restroom became more prominent.
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The black sign was removed, but all the salmon-colored ones still remain. However, he said that a loop recording can be heard playing in the lavatory saying, “There is no men’s room here.”
I wonder how many men must’ve gone in there to trigger such a reaction,” one Japanese social media user wrote, as translated by SoraNews24.
It turns out that there used to be a men’s bathroom located there, but it is currently closed and under renovation.
There has not been any problems involving men accidentally going inside of the women’s restroom. But the station’s owner, JR East, is taking precaution, a representative of the company told J-Cast News.
Other social media users commented:
“It’s a little much, but I admire their dedication, I guess.”
“I like how they included different sizes and body-types of women. Bravo!”
“I’m sure a guy will still go in.”
“As a man, that almost makes me want to go in more. It’s like it’s daring me to.”
“They should add a few more.”
“Maybe they should’ve designed the bathrooms better in the first place to avoid any confusion.”
Featured Image via Twitter / @Chinda0312
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