Toddler Gets Run Over Twice in a Row in China, Survives With Just Scratches

A toddler narrowly survived certain death after being run over by two cars consecutively on Monday morning in China.

The terrifying CCTV footage caught the scene where the two-year-old girl made a dash toward a busy road at a crossroad in Xichang City in the Chinese province of Sichuan, Daily Mail reports.

After crossing the road halfway, the child was toppled over by a slow-moving white SUV. She ended up under the first car and was then shown lying face down on the road after the car sped off.

Before the little girl could stand up, another white SUV passed over her again. She would then re-emerge seemingly unscathed from under the second vehicle that had just run over her.

Apparently, her small size made her invisible from the perspective of the drivers at the wheel.

In the clip, the child’s grandmother can be seen rushing to pick up her grandchild. The girl was immediately brought to a nearby hospital where she was found to have suffered some minor scratches on the head.    

According to (via Daily Mail), the toddler was initially with her grandmother, but the child later wandered off before running across the street.

The incident is still being investigated by Xichang traffic police.

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