Toddler Falls To Her Death From 18th Floor in China After Getting Pranked

A 2-year-old girl fell to her death after being sent to the 18th floor of an apartment in Changsha, China by a 5-year-old boy. Her body was reportedly found on the second floor.

The grim incident occurred on July 3. As seen on surveillance footage, the girl, identified only as Li Li, was among three unsupervised children coming out of an elevator.

Li Li was then carried back into the elevator by one of her companions, a boy, who was apparently playing a prank, and sent her to the 18th floor alone.

The little girl can be seen banging on the door in a desperate attempt to get out.

When the door finally opened, Li Li went out, and that was the last moment she was seen alive.

It is believed that Li Li fell from the 18th floor through a railing which did not have glass shields, unlike others in the building. There were marks found in the area speculated to be her footprints.

Her body was found in a pile of trash on the second floor, AsiaOne noted.

Residents held a candle-lit vigil following the incident.

The relationship between the three children has not been identified, and it is unclear if the boy’s family will be held accountable for her death, DailyMail reported.

Watch the chilling footage below:

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