Meet the Trendy Maltese People on Instagram Are Falling in Love With

A diminutive pooch has gained a huge fan base on Instagram through his adorable outfits.
The dog is Toby, a 10-year-old Maltese owned by Vancouver resident Joyce Chen. Chen set up Toby’s Instagram account three years ago and it currently has over 101,000 followers.
The highly fashionable pup can be seen in over 1,200 photos posing in stylish outfits that would make any preppy hipster envious.
Toby is often photographed sporting a signature pair of black plastic rimmed glasses, which inspired Chen to begin dressing up her dog after she put them on his nose on a coffee run.
“I started dressing Toby after I put my sunglasses on him and noticed that he was completely fine with it – most dogs would tilt their heads to get them off, but Toby didn’t,” Chen told the Daily Mail.
“I probably spend between $30-80 on an outfit for Toby – my favorite is with the fedora, his bowtie and striped cardigan,” she said.
“Toby actually loves our photo shoots because there’s always lots of treats involved,” Chen said. “It only takes me a few minutes to get a photo of Toby and then the clothes come off and it’s treat time.”
According to Chen, Toby’s eyes are what makes him a “natural model.”
She told the Mail: “I fell in love with Toby the moment I saw him. He was this little ball of fluff with these large expressive eyes. I had never seen a Maltese with such beautiful eyes!”
“People are always commenting on Toby’s eyes,” she said. “They say his eyes look very human like. They’re also quite surprised how young Toby looks.”
Luckily for Toby’s fans, he will have a long life of modeling ahead of him.
“Toby may be 10 years old but he acts more like he’s three,” Chen said. “He’s full of energy and always up for a new adventure.”
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