Tiny Singaporean Woman Wolfs Down 8 Bowls of Soup Noodles in 17 Minutes

One petite Singaporean woman shocked her fellow contestants with her outrageous appetite after finishing eight bowls of lor mee, a Chinese-inspired noodle dish commonly eaten in Malaysia and Singapore, in just 17 minutes — sans the aid of water.

Meet Sarah Ow, a 28-year-old flight attendant who moonlights as a competitive eater.

Just look at how much food that is!

Apparently, Ow is a competitive eater managed by Food League Singapore, the city-state’s most popular food challenge organizer.

In another competition, she consumed a 3.2-kg (7-pound) burger paired with fries in just 43 minutes.

Where everything goes is mystery.

This time, Sarah finished eight bowls of lor mee, a noodle dish served in thick, starchy gravy, in just 17 minutes.


The food was provided by Lorong Ah Soo Lor Mee, AsiaOne noted.

With her unique accomplishment, Sarah definitely joins our list of unbelievable eaters who had wolfed down 4 kg of rice in one sitting and 400 gm of noodles in eight seconds.

See her chomp in full glory below:

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