This is How You Make Tiny Spam Musubi

This is How You Make Tiny Spam MusubiThis is How You Make Tiny Spam Musubi
Carl Samson
May 1, 2018
Anyone who knows how to fry and cook rice can probably make Spam musubi in a heartbeat, but
See, it’s not the same when your fingers are larger than the ingredients you need. While Spam musubi is a simple meal, making a tiny one requires a little more dexterity.
via Wikimedia Commons / Dllu (CC BY-SA 4.0)
Tiny Kitchen managed to do just that. In a recent Instagram video, the hands behind the cooking show prepared tiny Spam musubi like it’s part of everyday bento.
If you haven’t heard already, Tiny Kitchen by Tastemade prepares tiny food using tiny kitchenware in — you guessed it — a tiny kitchen.
As seen in the video, making tiny Spam musubi starts with preparing some sauce added to the Spam cutlet while it’s fried.
Pre-cooked rice is then placed on a wooden mold.
Spam is put on top of the rice.
Finally, a strip of nori is wrapped around the center.
Spam musubi, which takes inspiration from onigiri, became popular in Hawaii after World War II. Today, it is sold in many convenience stores and supermarkets as a quick and easy snack.
Watch the clip below:
Images via Instagram / tinykitchentm
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