11 Times Creeps On Tinder With Yellow Fever Got Savagely Rejected By Asians

Tinder is a magical place, one second you’re saying hello to a stranger and the next second you’re bombarded with unsolicited dick picks with zero warning. When you’re Asian, it goes a step further and dating sites become playgrounds for men and women who fetishize us for our race. Some comments are just hilariously tragic while others can be sexual and threatening, making it difficult to figure out how to reply to such vulgar messages or whether to even respond at all.

Here are some of the worst comments Asian women and men have received on Tinder and their savage responses. Take notes, ladies and gents: These may come in handy next time you encounter a creep with yellow fever because let’s be real, it doesn’t seem like they’re going away any time soon.

This “asain” girl has got NO time for your yellow fever and awful spelling.

PC: Savanna, Cornell University

The truth hurts…


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Why even match with someone in the first place if you’re just going to be rude and racist?

PC: Steven Zhao

Flu shots are important but so are the yellow fever vaccines, don’t forget yours!

PC: Bianca

I mean, what did he think was going to happen with this tragic pick up line?


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Go slap your own ass and keep your bland sushi to yourself, please.

Aww, I love cultures too Matt.

PC: Julianna

This guy went as far as listing his age as 20 when he’s actually 50 so he could prey on younger Asian women… someone please come and collect their grandfather.

PC: Jess Wu

Do white guys not know how to spell..?

PC: Jacqueline Bui

If you’re going to be blatantly racist, the least you could do is be a bit original but here we are.

PC: Yoo-Jee Kim

Marcus, you don’t even deserve a reply.

PC: Monica Masun
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