Swiping Right on Tinder Literally Saved This Woman’s Life

Swiping Right on Tinder Literally Saved This Woman’s LifeSwiping Right on Tinder Literally Saved This Woman’s Life
Laura Dang
November 11, 2015
A single man from Tampa, Florida, Rich O’Dea, was on the popular dating app when he swiped right on a fateful match. Jennifer Thomas, 35, was on the other end of that Tinder swipe. O’ Dea, 43, told ABC News:
“I thought Jennifer was a pretty girl. We had many mutual friends and I thought it was a good sign, so I swiped right.”
According to People, the two made plans to go on a first date and that was when O’Dea shared the story about his best friend’s wife Erica Bragan. He told Thomas that Bragan, 47, was a mother of two and suffered from a rare genetic kidney disease. Bragan, who has polycystic kidney disease, had been on the waiting list for nearly three years and was in crucial need of a kidney transplant.
Thomas, also a mother of a 9-year-old son, instantly felt the urge to help, as she recalled:
“All that happened was we had a conversation about it. He told me about her and I wanted to do something.”
O’Dea was pleasantly surprised and said:
“Jenn had such a positive response to talking about Erika and her family, and she seemed genuinely interested in helping out any way she could.”
O’Dea told Bragan and her husband, Scott, a few days after his Tinder date that someone he met wanted to help. Bragan explained:
“One day he casually mentioned that there was someone who had come forward and wanted to be tested.”
Months after testing, it was found that Thomas and Bragan were the perfect match for a kidney donor. Bragan is scheduled to undergo a kidney transplant on Nov. 18. Thomas said of her generous gesture:
“It feels incredible to be able to help.”
Bragan and her husband could not have been more grateful. Her husband added:
“Jennifer is our angel, she came down from heaven and blessed us! We are so thankful, the planets aligned and Tinder gave her an angel. It’s a story you just can’t make up.”
“Everything happens for a reason and as weird as it sounds, we have a dating app to thank for saving my wife’s life.”
Though Thomas and O’Dea did not go on to pursue a romantic relationship, Thomas reflected:
“Going on a Tinder date, maybe having a romantic relationship, that’s great, that’s wonderful. A lot of people do that, but I’ve gained something a lot better.”
Seems like good things can come from swiping right.
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